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85 GMC

Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:04 pm

I've been toolin on my GMC Seirra a lot lately, pressure washed the tree sap off it,sand blasted primmed and painted two of the rally wheels,already have the 2000 safari center caps lugs and lug cover nuts that hold the caps on all new parts,also have chevy caps from the same year astro van so if i swap wheels on the trucks i have caps to match, new belts n hoses, starter, dipstick,and other odds n ends to get it together, fixed all the dash lights,cargo light, got the huge dent out of the passenger side door, got the manual windows to roll up and down now, ordered my headers for it today. Me n my brother insalled the 454 almost two weeks ago.I got it to start with starter fluid it has bad gas in the carb, gotta get all the old fuel out of the system but it ran good for a few seconds, fired right up. With the weather and me being tired i'm in no big rush but can't wait to drive it but it needs a few more parts to get it going. Gonna have to swap the starter got the wrong one eat the teeth off it, swapped pwr steering pumps, the one on the engine was for hydro boost brakes, the truck has reg pwr brakes, got it on filled it up with fluid and the thing leaks all that work down the drain and gotta do it again, tryied to save money. This will be my "Shop truck" it is'nt as nice as my other one so it's gettin the rat treatment, gonna put my nickname logo a friend designed for me on the doors also. I plan on having fun with this build and don't care what others think about it, it's for fun and a work truck so I don't worry about scratching it. I will post some pics of my progress soon. Been workin 10 hr days for two weeks now not getting enough sleep during the week so i catch up on sleep on the weekends. But it will allow me to pay bills and buy parts.

Re: 85 GMC

Wed May 27, 2015 10:01 pm

Sounds like fun! If I were filthy rich, I wouldn't spend my money on really fancy crap, just old junk cars and all the parts I could ever want to fix them. Have fun!

Re: 85 GMC

Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:25 am

that would be my plan also but i'd have to buy a few complete ones ive always wanted.

Re: 85 GMC

Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:01 pm

Well hello everyone, looks like i'm the first to post this year, I've made a little progress on the 85 GMC, pulled the engine last year. I ported the heads myself, had them reworked with the correct springs for my cam, got the short block in the shop now, bought new 10.2:1 pistons for it,cleaned,blasted and painted most of the tins, alt, pulleys,brackets etc..., new water pump and so on. I believe i'm gonna do a cab swap on it mine is a little rusty. Got my a/c working right on the old Buick it was the valve leaking,wired up and mounted my gauges and idiot lights, bought and installed the idle solenoid for the a/c still gotta fine tune it, got the electric choke working,all the interior lights work now fixed the bench seat so it's adjustable again, installed my cd player and a couple 6x9's,fixed the cigarette lighter me and my son vacuumed it out and shampooed it. I'm tired of the manual fuel pump so I've got everything i need to put a electric pump on it now just don't have the time. Currently my brother and me are trying to get my uncles 87 Silverado runnin it was a 4.3/400 turbo TBI now a 350 TBI . It's fought us all the way thru the process, but we poured some fuel in it and got it to run a little last night so that's a good sign still more work to do on it. Can't wait till i'm piddilin on my Buick or my GMC again.

Re: 85 GMC

Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:39 am

Sounds like fun! I'm replacing the intake on my Caprice and working on my wife's truck. Sheesh. Never gets done!

Re: 85 GMC

Fri May 19, 2017 5:52 am

Well, picked up my 454 last Friday,n had the rod n main bearings there too! total of parts n labor for heads worked new comp springs for the cam, crank polished,rod n main bearings, cam bearings installed and freeze plugs, cylinders honed, block cleaned and my new pistons pressed on the rods = $330 great to have a great friend and Brother (^) with a Engine shop! It took him a while and done it in steps when he was slow on regular work but Well worth the wait! Now i need to get the comp cam n lifters, oil pump, pickup screen, fresh oi,l plug wires and plugs as of now that's about all i need to finish the build other than the paint job after it's assembled! I also installed a new set of Pioneer 4x6 3 way dash speakers in the old Buick last night sounds much better! A while back I had the idea of making the old Buick look kinda like a "what if" COPO Lesabre Coupe since it's a bit of a Frankenstein build anyway, so I broke down and waited a long time to find a set of dog dish period correct factory caps for it, finally found a set shipped for just under $70 "nos" they really look like new for their age, so I tried my hand at painting the blasted oe wheels they looked nice till i hit them with the clear coat looked like i had sprayed them with paint stripper boy i was mad! so I got all 5 yes 5 wheels 4 great lookin steel wheels and the best rusty one(spare) and blasted the two painted ones again and the others,found a orig color code pamplet for it cross ref the color codes online, now i'm waiting on the paint n body shop to spray them the correct oe color of my car. I think they will look cool with just the caps no bands and 235/70 and 235/60's on them not sure on black wall or raised letters yet. PS, one of these days i'm gonna get off my tail and take new pics n post them for ya'll. Next i hope is getting new full length exhaust with x pipe and dynomax super turbos on i already have both just waiting on a good time when i have the cash to geter done. see how i jump from one project to another? like i have ADD lol!

Re: 85 GMC

Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:46 am

Any updates on your project?

Re: 85 GMC

Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:56 am

Yes Frank, I finally picked up my wheels for my LeSabre from the paint shop in August had my tires mounted and installed . In September I had my 2-1/2 exhaust with X-pipe and Dynomax mufflers installed and man I'm loving it sounds awesome, really quiet when normally driving it and little louder when I mash on it. The muffler shop owner dug the old car. For the 454 I really have everything now to assemble it minus the roller rockers that I want for it, everything is cleaned and painted minus the block, heads and intake, even got a serpintine kit for it from a small block its almost ready to bolt on, a guy on ebay sells a kit to adapt it to a 454 for around $200 I need to buy it.I'm leaning towards using the GMC for parts and building my 85 short bed Silverado. But now I'm buying my uncles truck for my son, it's an 87 longbed Silverado TBI truck light blue/silver it was a factory V6 4.3/400 turbo, long story short the 350 he bought was no good and the 400th needed rebuilt, he was done spending money on it so i'm adding it to the family. Currently I bought another roller 1994 350 was going to freshen it up but now full build on it, picked up the 400 turbo from the trans shop last month($500), bought about $500- $600 parts fluids, radiator, condensor,oil pump pickup screen plugs etc. The 94 engine was factory hyd flat tappet but was already machined for the roller cam parts so I'm going roller so I don't have to worry about the oil additive. I have about $600 more to spend on parts and then pay the machine shop and it's git with it time. Then I have to get tires for it,CD player,speakers,carpet, fix the A/C and have the exhaust fixed and so on. My son isn't into cars it's a chore to him but i'm enjoying spending time with him and showing him how it's done the right way and when it's finished the best part is no truck payments! Last note I bought/traded for a 72 Lincoln Mark IV two door 460/C6 and 9in rear not really decided on what I'm going to do with it yet it's almost a beater but only 84,000 one owner everything is there minus one parking lens and the air cleaner wing nut. If I part it out I will at least have a rearend for my Lesabre instead of the weak 7.5 in it. I need to quit buying parts and automobiles and build a garage to work on what I already have in it! I wish this was a more active board myself.

Re: 85 GMC

Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:22 am

One more tale, this September was the first time since 1996 I drove the old LeSabre to Chattanooga to work(30 mile trip one way) and with A/C! Been a long time coming. The A/C went out about a week after I bought it back in 1991. But this time it had a Oldsmobile 455/400 turbo in it with all new front end rebuilt, steering, shocks,springs on all four corners, CD player, speakers,new tires, new windshield and exhaust. And for the first time since ownership it was insured lol!

Re: 85 GMC

Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:53 pm

That's a lot of news to take in and keep track of. My son isn't that much into cars either but he's a great helper and likes to learn.

Are you using the LeSabre for commuting or was that a one-time trip?

How rough is the GMC if you're thinking about parting it out?

Wouldn't you be better off selling the Lincoln and using the money to buy a GM axle for your LeSabre instead?
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Re: 85 GMC

Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:28 am

(Buick) One time ride to work that day, It's gonna need a big aluminium radiator($260) Champion 4 row, for summer cruising but while it's cold it's fine. Been driving it a lot more around town where I live etc... The GMC has rust in rockers and firewall that I know of, a little front damage on the drivers side bumper n fender mainly hood is fine the chrome grill trim didn't survive it got dented, bed seems ok tailgate had a tree hit it and won't close all the way but I plan on getting another one. This past weekend I ran across an a/c cab at the junk yard with a better door for the passenger side a tilt column (need repaired it's loose) for $250 and seat belts included. Ain't decided to just sell or get it driving and sell or keep lol. (Lincoln) I've always wanted a 9in in my Buick just in case I ever wanted to do another engine swap and throw a lot of torque and hp to it. I know that it would take the abuse and no worries about C clips and loosing an axle/wheel n tire all at once, with minor work swapping out the center section for gear swaps if need be. Maybe some meaty tires back there too! Last note I'm usually very good remembering things especially my cars n trucks their almost like my kids to me.
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