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Hey everyone

Postby hotwheelsboy28 » Sat Jan 11, 2014 4:35 am

I'm back again, my computer went out on me, but i am back in buisness again. Haven't done anything to my Buick lately but i adjusted the timing on my Caprice lastnight tightened up my "opera light" trim i almost lost it on the interstate, and drove it to work today (friday). I have been busy on my dad's truck, it needed a lot of work and still not done. I built a new roller 305 for it cleaned painted everything and the engine bay too with the help from my brother. We have had a fit trying to work on it outside with the weather and both of us getting sick but, we have managed to build the engine, paint everything and set it on the mounts. Hopefully the weather will break long enough to get it running soon.
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