wiper motor interchange.

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wiper motor interchange.

Postby Rare one » Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:39 am

Hi there.

My 78 Bel Air windshield motor has finally givin up the ghost the other day (while on a date :oops: lol) and I am wondering if a newer wiper motor off another year B body, lets say an 1988 that still retains the basic 2 speed setup will work on my early "box" B body? Also when did B cars switch to the inline rollercell style washer pump? Those pulse style piston squirt type pumps are in my opinion reduculous lol. Thanks guys.
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Re: wiper motor interchange.

Postby theholycow » Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:40 am

If you're planning a trip to a self-serve junkyard, any GM wiper motor that looks remotely similar will work. You don't need to get a 2-speed motor, the intermittent one will work as a 2-speed with your 2-speed switch.

The intermittent feature comes through one separate wire. My 1980 has an intermittent motor from probably 1970 or so with my original 2-speed switch, and I think I tried one from the late 80s at one point (I was trying to do the intermittent upgrade, turned out the brand new switch I bought was defective the whole time).
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