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Find of the week

Postby hotwheelsboy28 » Sun May 11, 2014 2:37 am

Last week at our little car show on the square in town I seen a guy that owns a junkyard, i've bought from him before, nice guy and very reasonably priced parts. I asked him if he had any steering wheels for a early 90's chevy 1500, he said yes, aroud $20.00, I told him i'd see him next week. Well it's next week (yesterday) so I go over to his yard only to buy the steering wheel, I roll up and, well well what do I see a 86 Caprice it had a PERFECT tail panel with the upper bumper filler, I had to have it cause mine is busted on the left rear, while pulling my part off i found a brand new pair of the side bumper fillers and a one piece front filler panel. the front was twisted up so i passed on it but the others were perfect never painted new, he wanted $10 for the pair, what a jackpot! so for a complete tail panel and i mean complete (less the harness),filler panels and a steering wheel with horn button for the grand total of $79.00. It also had the engine in it orig 305 complete he's asking $300.00 for it, can hear run so with me workin 50 plus hours a week guess i'll be buying another engine, but it's for my other GMC truck. My friend also found some Ford parts he was looking for.I love finding a great deal at the junkyard!
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Re: Find of the week

Postby Grover » Mon May 12, 2014 4:11 pm

Great deal! I've been searching around, but have not found a good deal recently. Have had a few last year, so can't complain, though.
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