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Fri Oct 02, 2015 3:34 am

Ordered my steering and front suspension parts from Rock Auto all Moog problem solver parts center link, idler arm, inner and outer tierod ends, adjuster sleeves, loaded upper and lower control arms and the bump stops for the top, the lower stops got off ebay. Guess i'll get in the zone for my coil isolaters, already have new springs in the box, Moog also. Everything came in today with the exception of 3 control arms, i will soon have all new junk up front! All the parts were for a 96 Impala and cost was reasonable at around $630 including the zone parts I ain't bought yet. I've already installed new links for the front sway bar just need to put my new bushings in for the frame mounts. I wanna drive my old Buick again very badly it's too low to drive now. Next is new pipes I found a kit of FlowMaster pipes minus the mufflers for under $400,I like the way they look also. The guy building a 87 Caprice nammed Buford T Justice bought one for his, it was for a 64 Chevelle I believe, it fit fine, so I'm gonna try it. Then on to the Rear Suspension!, Probably go with UMI uppers n lowers, already have new springs for the rear also, and probably try to find a used rear sway bar if I can. I also have been trying to get the A/C working again, bought a new compressor a few weeks ago, pulled a vacuume let it set for a good while, charged it yet again it leaked down again eeerrr! Gotta find the leak everything is new minus the valve core and manifold hose. But it did blow kinda cool air out to the floor for one day that's a start i guess! :lol:

Re: Finally!

Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:13 am

That sounds great! I replaced the front steering components on my Caprice with Hotchkis stuff. Honestly don't notice a lot of difference in the quality of the ride or steering, but it's a hell of a lot easier to change components like the tie rod ends now. I have some pictures somewhere. I'll try and post them eventually.

I looked up the dimensions on the old Chevelles (A bodies) and that generation of A body is something like 1" off of our B bodies, so most of the old classic Chevelle stuff should line up nicely with our old cars. I have yet to really explore this, but I am hopeful.

As for the A/C, I redid that on my vehicle, and oddly, it was leaking at the evaporator. It's a pain in the ass to get to (buried up by the heater core), but it was worth it to fix that mess. Also don't forget to oil up your o-rings!

Re: Finally!

Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:46 am

Yeah i've already installed all new O rings even before I started and oiled them,going to put in new valves where u charge it. I finally got all of the suspention and steering parts installed a couple months ago, but couldn't get the un cut coils in, so I took it to a guy I know to do that, un clog the cowl, install my lokar 400 turbo kick down my new transmission dipstick,and put a newer spring on the emergency brake petal. I've been workin on my shed addition since last October. I've put a lot of work and money in it, we had to raise the roof on one side of the old part of it to tie in the new side, it's 16x16, 28x16 total now both sides. I am wiring,insulating, building a work bench, plan on getting a heat and ac slide in unit, already bought backup heat , walmart marked kerosene heaters down from $129.00- $70, gonna try to get a good mig welder, already rough wired for it, bought all the light fixtures this past weekend, cept for the ceiling fan. Gotta get the direct burial wire from the house to out there mo money mo money glad I have a great friend with a ditch witch! I hope to have it the way I want it before summer and move all my tools n junk out of my man cave out to it, it will be great to have somewhere out of the weather to work on small projects in comfort without foggin up the house with paint and cleaning fumes lol!
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